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Every memory create at concerts can be immortalized, and Loudd turns them into access keys to communities

Create new
interaction hype from the concert

Videos created by fans can become valuable and monetizable content

Engage your community


Keep your community active even after the concert.

Direct revenue


A new way to monetize your community.

Turn fans into super fans


Share and grow through fan insights.

Be a part of your favorite artist journey

Your concert videos are your entry point to exclusive perks provided by your favorite artist

Who would like to suggest a name for my new song? The song talks about life. Help-me! πŸ™‚
Oh my gosh! I would love ❀❀❀
Super Fan

Meet the founders

Pedro is a music lover and loves to go to concerts. Andre has had several bands and due to lack of talent, he considers himself a frustrated rock star :). But not anymore …

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